Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anniversaries Birthdays and "Are you crazy?"

Yesterday was our Anniversary! My partner Greg and I have been together for 8 years. We celebrated in usual fashion at our favorite bar on jazz night and hung out with the piano player and singers, all friends of ours. They all took the Cincinnati news well, because we would only be an hour or so away. I got the usual "arent you worried about the crime?" Ironic in that several years ago most of our friends wouldnt dare venture into the "hood" where we live and now they love the neighborhood and wish they had had the foresight to have gotten in when we did.

Yesterday was also my father's 84th birthday. We had our usual long phone call catching up on things, his looking forward to golf, the man has become a fanatic. Funny for a man who despised it for the first 78 years of his life. As soon as warm weather approches he will be out there everyday. Today however was also a sad day in 1985 my Mother passed away of a heart attack. I was in San Francisco California at college and had to fly back to make the arrangements, she was relatively young and it was quite unexpected, she died the day after my fathers birthday and their 32 anniversary.

Anyway I sprung the Cincinnati news on my Dad and he took it about as expected. He was thrilled we werent moving 550 miles away to Missouri, but I got the "You are moving where? Do you know what downtown Cincinnati is like? Are you crazy? So your off on another "Urban Pioneering Adventure, dont you EVER get tired of saving neighborhoods? I guess you know what you are doing."

I expected that reaction. My fathers only exposure to Cincinnati was back in the late 1960's. My Mother had the idea that we should all go to the Cincinnati Zoo. Actually is wasnt an idea, we were GOING to the Cincinnati zoo. So off we went to the zoo. Now my father never had any sense of direction so its amazing we got there with out getting lost but going home..WE DID. before long we were hopelessly lost driving around in Over-the-Rhine, even in the late 1960's the neighborhood was "In Transition". Imagine, 3 Blond haired, blue eyed german Jews in a white cadillac driving through "that neighborhood", I wont tell you how my father described it. I was told in no uncertain terms to roll the wiodows up and keep the door locked.

Even as a child I loved architecture and I was going on about the brackets and trim and directing my mother to 'take pictures, take pictures', finally after driving around Over the Rhine for 30 minutes my dad spotted a policeman and got directions and we "got outta dodge". I am going to have to ask my dad if those pictures are still around.

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