Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Cincinnati Trip, HGTV, and Ebay

Planning details for tommorrow's trip to Cincinnati, wasnt really planned but a development property I was somewhat interested in had a price reduction and I have to take a second look. Its going to be a wet rainy day wont be great weather for sight-seeing but plan on stopping by Findlay Market and driving around some unexplored side streets in Over-the-Rhine and taking tons of photos.

I have a meeting with our realtor here to approve the new flyers on our house "The Willows" . People ask me if I will miss this house and to some extent I will. It was a challenging restoration and helped put this block on the map and spurred a lot of investment in the area. But I am really looking forward to the change of scenery. I have been so immersed in Preservation and Restoration efforts here. This will be the first time in 10 years I am not sitting on five community group boards and holding an office in a neighborhood group. I plan on getting involved in OTR community groups but for the first 6 months we have to get our priorities taken care of and concentrate on the properties.
Less than a week until the cameras from HGTV come out to film the house for a segment on one of their shows! I am not one for the spotlight but it will really help "sell" the house. I have another interview for a print media piece and we are working on some other things as well. So I remain opptomistic.
We made the decision to put the St Joseph MO property on Ebay this weekend. I have NO IDEA if it will generate interest but we are practically giving it away. True it needs work but I cant save them all. I sold a 1872 Italinate over there via Ebay and I found a preservation minded buyer so I will hope for the best.
Will have lots of pictures for from Saturday. Looks like Sunday will be spent outside here freshening up the landscaping.

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