Monday, March 17, 2008

Gallery 1885 Coming to Cincinnati and Over the Rhine

Victorian Antiquities and Designs has for many years, provided historic home owners with quality victorian antiques and musical instruments. With the acquisition of several large lithograph collections over the last few years we can now announce that in addition to our Antiques and Historical Design business we will be opening and new business venture within the group knaown as 'Gallery 1885'.

'Gallery 1885' will specialize in the sale of high quality lithographs, gravures and historic memorabilia of the victorian era.

This will provide a real option for the victorian homeowner to get artwork that is "Period Correct" for their home. Artwork will be available framed and unframed. Historic memorabilia will include vintage postcards, antique photograph and period publications of the times.

" We made a concious decision a few years ago to begin acquiring and collecting this type of material as we felt their was a design gap in terms of period decorating." This will further expand our existing antiques line of Victorian furniture, period wallpapers and fabrics offerings to include art for the wall.

We have collected items that will be affordable for the average old house restorer or enthusiast, average price for a genuine 1880's era unframed lithograph or gravure will start between 25-150.00. Framed pieces will start at about 150.00 and go up into the thousands for original oils and watercolors, of the era, and we hope to be able to provide a variety of "price points' even for the serious collector. A large part of the collection includes lithos by german artists of the period so it is a perfect tie in with the German history of Over the Rhine.
Our plans are to house the artwork in a seperate but adjacient space to our antiques business and the plans are to create what will look like a period gallery of the era. People will be able to see artwork hanging on the wall in a period setting of period wallpapers and chandeliers. The shop will also sell custon made art sash cords and picture railing hooks as well to create that period look.
'Gallery 1885' one of a kind gallery and completes our goal of being able to provide historic home owners with "everything" for their historic home. We are now offering period art unframed on our e-commerce site:
More details on the site location will follow but it will be located in Over the Rhine/Brewery District area.

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