Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lots of planning just a 1884 obstacle.

I feel really optomistic that our 1915 Craftman bungalow will sell soon! I think people are beginning to realize that elections are coming and the country is about to shift gears. We have a new realtor, one of the best local reators dealing in historic properties, warm weather is coming and lots of publicity. I received a email that a newpaper wants to do a piece on our house and HGTV is coming out later this month.

One obstacle though on the other front is the Historic Hoppe Grocery building! I bought this building in St Joe Missouri to keep it from the wrecking ball. We have spent springs and summers going over getting it cleaned out, 11 tons of debris! as well as finsihing the gutting of the interior began by the previous owners. I sent an email to our realtor advisng her to cut the price by five grand to 19,500.00. Given what we paid and the money invested we will lose money, but you cant win them all.

The building needs a roof and has had water damage due to it, but its a brick building, solid as a rock and a landmark example of Italianate architecture. The building deserves an owner who will restore it. It is so rich with history sitting on the corner of of Patee Park, the Pony Express museum is just across the park and it is an important anchor to the area.

The facade is beautiful a rare example of tin cornice work by Alex Wheland and reflects craftsmanship of a time gone by. We put protective covenats on the deed to protect it and keep some developer fron coming in and ruining it or heaven forbid tearing it down for a parking lot.
Thats why I am a preservationsist and a collector. I think its important to save things.
Our realtor there is good and if anyone can find a buyer she can.
We continue to make the plans for Cincinnati, Ive narrowed down our choice of properties and started crunching the numbers to make this work. I am likely putting in offers next week, although it means dipping into my savings, but I need to get some things secured so we can start work...I just wish we had the Hoppe sold! But spring is coming and I remain optomistic!