Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Urban Pioneering -The last Frontier

I am often asked why I do it? why leave a perfectly restored house to move on to a new neighborhood and start the process over again. I tell people I am a "Serial Preservationist" , I turn around one place and then see another with a need.

I look at Over the Rhine as a place with a need. It in many ways is a time capsule. Cincinnati does not know how lucky it is to have such an area. Indianapolis basically bulldozed its downtown in the 1920 building boom. Other cities did much the same. You have to travel out aways to find good architecture.
When you start"pioneering you are initaily alone then one by one the other "Pioneers" come. whats starts as 1 house on 1 block becomes 2, then 3... the restorations expand up and down the street, block clubs organize, neighborhoods are reborn. And soon you wonder why ANYONE would want to live in cold cold suburbia!
Thats why I do it, to take neighborhoods that everyone else gave up on along time agao and help them be reborn.

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