Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Urban Pioneering ,OTR and 'Inevitable Developtivity"

'Inevitable Developtivity" is a term I created 10 years ago when lecturing on Urban Pioneering and the redevelopment of downtown America. Over-the-Rhine has in my opinion reached "Inevitable Developtivity". Each Urban center reaches this in different ways. Some, like Indianapolis, by massive new construction projects that suddenly made small developments economically feasible.

Cincinnati and Over-the Rhine I believe, will be more neighborhood and age driven. Twenty somethings do not have the fear of moving into OTR that their parents did. As the area promotes itself in the Historic Preservation Community, others (like myself) will come and not only live there but do small projects.

With all due respect to 3cdc and some other developers who believe in the "critical mass" theory of redevelopment, I believe it will more likely be done 1 property at a time, 1 block at time by "urban pioneers" who will inevitable attract others to join them.

I also hope that we see more single family restoration as the trend to turn the once large Townhomes into multiple condos bothers me. I do think the area needs more grassroots organization on a block by block basis. By that I mean small block clubs should be encouraged, active community crime watch is essential and those pioneers need to have a healthy respect for where they are and what they are doing.

I hope that people will get involved and create, for lack of better words, a community council for OTR made up of small neighborhood groups and that groups sole purpose whould be marketing and promotion of the neighborhood.

"Inevitable Developtivity" is here and the Urban Pioneers need to guide it!

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