Sunday, March 16, 2008

Would Bike Ports work in Cincinnati?

If you are like most urban dwellers you probably own a bike. Like many in an urban environment you probably dont use it. WHY? Bikes are a valuable commodities for the "have nots". Anyone who has ever had a bike stolen knows this. For Cincinnati to attract more urban dwellers it needs it look at programs that will attract prople to commute by Bike .

Indianapolis has a program Called Bike Port. Bike Port is essentially a big locker that will hold a bide. It is secure and it opened via a code you get to your cellphone. It totally eliminates the problem of theft and carrying those bike locks,removing the front wheel. Additionally the BikePorts will soon have shower and changing room areas, which has always been a pain if you bike to work.

It strikes me that a trial program would work in Over the Rhine and downtown. Imagine if you will a Bike port at Findlay Market, Fountain square and in the downtown business district. You could ride to work not worry about your bike, you could go over to Findlay Markey or Fountain Square from you home in OTR and not have to go back every five minutes and check on your bike and carry all your "stuff" with you.

Ideally at Findlay it would be great if someone opened a bike rental or scooter rental shop. People would tend to explore OTR, I think.

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