Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BOOK REVIEW: Cincinnati Over the Rhine

'Cincinnati, Over the Rhine' Arcadia Publishing, provides a fascinating look back in to the history of the Over the Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. The book covers the early days and devotes a large section of the book to the German Settlement and culture of the time. They also cover the later years of the area as the german immigrants moved to the suburban neighborhoods to be replaced by poor applachians and african americans.

Other historical events of note are also covered such as the Cincinnati Centenial Exposition of 1888 and the failed construction of the subway system in the early 1920's.

Overall I found the book to be an excellnt resource for history buffs and the book left me wanting more information. This book is part of a series published by Arcadia Publishing . For those not familiar with Arcadia publishing they have a huge library of titles covering just about every major city. This book was just one of 16 books they publish on Cincinnati that cover such diverse topics as The Golden Age to the History of Mass Transit.

This book along with the rest of the series is available from Arcadia's website, you can also find them sometimes cheaper on Amazon and on Ebay. Overall, great Book and I am sure I will be buying the rest of the series.

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