Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grass Roots Effort to save Meiners Building

There is a grass roots effort to save a historic structure at 1500 Vine Street fron the wrecking ball. I have been asked to pass this along to any preservation minded people I know. I think saving this building has great merit.

1500 Vine Street (aka 1502 Vine Street), known as the Meiners Building or Meiners Flats, has been surrounded by City barricades since March. A roof collapse, combined with bricks and pieces of cornice falling to the sidewalk below, have forced the City to order an emergency demolition. Built in the 19th century by the Meiner family to advertise their skills as stonemasons, the building has sat vacant for over 20 years. Eldon Sundberg and Big Dog Properties have owned the building since 2004 and have made no improvements to the property. With only a 10 day window for action, the deadline for pledges has been set for April 23. Jim Tarbell is heading up the effort to save the building, and Klingler says that additional funding is in the works. No estimates have been released on the costs of shoring up the building. "Its removal would leave a gaping hole at the northern end of Vine at a time when reinvestment is fast approaching from the south," Klingler writes.

There are two pledge pages set up at Pledge Bank one for people willing to donate their economic stimulous check:


And one for people willing to make smaller donation of 10.00 at http://www.pledgebank.com/Over-the-Rhine

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