Monday, April 7, 2008

Ironwork, Victoriana and Over the Rhine

Iron work is hard to find. In the victorian era most homes of note particularly in an urban areas had a wrought iron fence, many would have elaborate front door gates or ironwork balconies. Surprizingly we found several examples on our trip over the weekend in Cincinnati still intact.

many of these were lost during the scrap drives of WW2, more during the mass urban renewal that took place in the 1970 in most cities, yet here in Cincinnati, its as if time has stood still. It woudl be easy to imagine those fences when new in front of grand homes, neighbors strolling down the street. A simpler time that will, with some luck and preserverance will return to Over the Rhine


丹尼士文摘(佳句庫) said...

What’s wonderful site, dennis from HONG KONG.

ekalb said...

The reason Cincinnati has so many of those low fences along the street? Cincinnati was a pork processing town. The pigs came off the riverboats and were brought up through the streets of the city. In the summer everyone kept their windows and doors open to let in the breeze. The low fences kept the pigs out.