Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PBS The Return of the Cuyahoga"

PBS "The Return of the Cuyahoga" is a facinating look at Urban sprawl, the rebirth of the Urban Center , the 'death' of suburbia and the development of "far Burbs". The subject of this documentary is Cleveland Ohio and the lessons learned in Cleveland can be applied to just about any large american midwest city. the film covers the rise, fall and rebirth of the Urban center of Cleveland.

This is a timely film I think as Indianapolis, where I'm from, and Cincinnati, where I'm moving too , are at different stages in this process. The Indianapolis downtown has made that transition to a vibrant and growing Urban center. Cincinnati is still in its early stages. Indianapolis has seen huge population shifts of the middle class from the burbs to the far burbs, suburban areas like Warren Township, Speedway and Layayette square areas are now largely populated by former residents of downtown who can no longer afford it, crime is rising in those areas. Cincinnati is seeing the same thing start to happen.

It is a fascinating documentary showing on a PBS station near you. For any historic preservationist or Urban pioneer it is a must see show. More information at: http://www.florentinefilms.org/thefilms/04_cuy.htm

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