Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time for spring planning!

Now that its April 1st we can no longer deny that spring is here. Inspite of the snow and rain and evenings in the 20's. Things are already coming up and if you havent started planning, now is the time. For most urban dwellers it may be something as simple as a window box or creating a courtyard. For others it is a long drawn out multi stage project.
I believe that planning and some initial hard work can result in an outdoor space that is easy to maintain and be enjoyed while your neighbors are spending their weekend mowing a yard. For those with real urban environments creating a water feature can be a worthwhile project and the "white noise" created can help drown out the noise. For other with more space it is often and overwhelming task.
Our suggestion is think of your yard the same way you think of your home, as a series of outdoor "rooms" with different purposes, yet all part of a "plan". Much like restoring a house, once you create one "outdoor room" the rest will follow . BUT YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE!

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