Thursday, April 3, 2008

A View From the Top

I have a large collection of postcards and came across this one showing the Cincinnati Mayors office. It gives us a look back to how office areas would have looked "back in the day". Postcards are a great affordable hobby for most and more importantly if you are "tablescaping" a table in a victorian home these are always period appropriate and go along way to recreating the "look" of a victorian home.
If we take a moment to look at the card we see alot of design ideas that would be appropriate in say a gentlemens smoking parlor although the gasolier would likely be of smaller scale in a residential setting. Note the pier mirror, This is a good way to "exapnd" a room visually that may be on the small side. Also note the "hanging rail" this is also and affordable ddeatil one can add to a home to give it a higher end feel.

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