Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Council considers expansion of recycling. How about recycling some housing?

Interesting convergence of articles. the Enquirer reports today that the city might expand its recycling program to include apartment, condos and public housing. In my opinion, a good thing. Building Cincinnati reports that yet more properties to 3CDC at well below market rate prices. In my opinion, a BAD thing.

Now I have a great deal of respect for 3CDC and the things they do. But they currently hold too many properties and all the city is doing is transferring a problem and not developing a solution. On my trip down over the weekend there are HUNDREDS of 3CDC boardups. As a historic restoration consultant and restoration contractor I know from experience that the longer historic properties sit, the more they deteriorate. If 3CDC is to be the developer of OTR and basically "given" property owned by the city (owned by the taxpayers), then they should disclose just when each property will be redeveloped. We continue to see demolition by neglect and unless we start asking hard questions about when and where the monies will come from to rehab, sorry but 'restore" is not an appropriate word here, these properties will continue to suffer and OTR will lose more of its architectural heritage. In my opinion 3CDC should as part of the sale disclosure provide the city with a timeline for restoration an estimation of the stabilization cost. Every new property 3cdc acquires (except those that the city deems as needed demolition) should have a new roof within 90 days of acquisition. This is key in saving a property as water damage , more than anything else causes building to fail.

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