Friday, May 23, 2008

The Imperial Theatre: Landmark worth saving?

Theatres have a special place in the hearts of most "Baby Boomers" and we can remember as kids going to the movies. Now I mean a movie theatre, not the Pole building megaplexes we have today. I still remember going to one and even as a kid I was blown away by how "Big" the place was, and the architecture!

The Imperial on McMicken is one of those theatres. probably great in its day it was probably the focal point of the community. I am told it made its way to "seedyness" years later. In its current life its a "thrift/junk" store and according to city records owned by some "church". With the new condo projects down the street under development (Cliffside), it would seem to me that the turnaround of this area is coming, wouldnt this be a great Focal Point for the community.

Perhaps a dinner theatre, or a jazz club? This building deserves to be saved and I hope someone, with the foresight to see its potential, comes up with a way to save it. These buildings are a little bit of culture from days gone by and they deserve to be saved!

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Quim said...

20 years ago it was not a theater but that intersection was bustling.
It was a warehouse for years and the owners had a sense of humor. They had marquee signs that advertised "Opening some date" and "Opening Soon". they regularly changed the signs and the first couple of years, I was pretty optimistic.