Thursday, May 29, 2008

Italianate-Cincinnati Architectue

I thought I'd talk a little bit about Italianate architecture. The italianate "Brownstone" or "Rowhouse" is a staple of Cincinnati Architecture. In fact the Over the Rhine Neighborhood is recognized as one of the most outstanding collections of the style in the country. The Italianate style began in the US in the 1850's, but did not reach its peak popularity, surpassing Greek Revival until the 1860's by the late 1870's the style was being replaced by Colonial revival and Queen Ann styles.

In Cincinnati the style ranges roughtly from 1860 through about 1885. Some earlier "Federal homes" were "updated" during this period. It is not uncommon to see Italianate architecure "updated" with later porches with columns or other late Victorian elements. Italianate typically have Bracketing at the top. Door and windows often have eleborate "crowning'. On corner examples they may often have Two story projecting bay windows on the side elevations. In Cincinnati the majority of this style is brick but some have limestone facades and later, less expensive working class examples were often built of wood.

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