Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Menards for Cincinnati

A good thing for Old house restorers!

Developers are one step closer to bringing Greater Cincinnati's first Menards home improvement store to the area. They received approval from the Fairfield Township Zoning Commission.

As a part of the development a road will be widened before the store opens and brings new traffic to the already congested area. Commissioners last week approved preliminary plans for Fountains of Fairfield Township on a 52.8-acre site at the southwest corner of Princeton and Gilmore roads, about a half-mile west of the Bridgewater Falls shopping complex.

Menards has plans to build a 144,107-square-foot store with an outdoor lumberyard and a garden center. Indianapolis, where I am from, has several Menards and they will give old house restorers another option than Lowes and Home Depot. Besides a great tool section, they have a different selction of tile and a wider selection of wood flooring that Depot or Lowes.


Sharlotte said...

Menards is a chain of home improvement stores. I found out that your blog concerns the company. I did not have a chance to personally deal with the products and the services of Menards, but I did read a lot about it. The reviews are more negative, than positive. Consumers are not happy with the quality of goods and maintenance services. Check out www.pissedconsumer.com for more information.

Paul Wilham said...

I have and I have found that they have things the other two major chaind do not. You can go to just about and consumer site and find someon who will say something bad about a company.

Based on my experioence and Ive easily spend over 100K there over the years Ive had a good experience, it will bring jobs and another cdnsumer option to the Cincinnati area and that has to be a good thing.