Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fourth of July and other News

First of all a note , I will not likely be blogging on the Fourth due to the holiday. As usual, and funny I just realized it's the last time, after we spend the evening on our deck with the obligatory cookout, we will stroll down to Highland Park, the second highest point in Indianapolis, to watch the fireworks. Then retreat back to the house to watch 20,000 people drive by.
Saturday we have tons of people coming by as we put alot of 'stuff" on Craigslist that we quite frankly dont want to move.
Sunday, is Cincinnati! We must go down to conduct the inspection on the house. One step closer! Just a side note I am debating whether or not readers of the blog would like for me to set up a seperate "restoration blog or website" to cover just the restoration since this blog tends to be more about preservation and urban planning?
See everyone on Monday and have a great weekend!

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