Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One step closer! Our offer accepted!

Recieved word from my wonderful realtor Cathy that our offer was accepted on the house in Cincinnati. Of course until closing, anything can happen but I am "cautiously optimistic" we may actually get this deal done. This is the 3rd house deal. the previous two , with a different realtor, fell apart. So MAYBE, the third time really is a charm.

As it was, this deal almost didnt happen. we looked at the house over a month and a half ago, absolutely loved it, ready to put in an offer the following day and someone beat us to it. Fast forward 6 weeks and they didnt show at closing. That happens alot with foreclosed property in neighborhoods that no person in their right mind would buy in, "Investor Types" get cold feet. We scrambled to get our offer in and then waited a week before we FINALLY got an acceptance. Faxes traded , Faxes lost, the usual things that always seem to happen when ever you try to buy a house. It drives most people crazy but I am used to it.
Perfect for our needs a 1870 Second Empire Townhouse with all original woodwork, staircase, pocket doors. It will need a modern kitchen and baths of course but will be "Museum Period Victorian" when we get done.
Of course our 1915 Craftsman, Indianapolis House hasn't sold nor a 1884 commercial property In own in St Joseph Missouri that I bought to keep from being bulldozed, But that hasn't stopped us from buying another one. It always seems to work its self out. We are hoping that our recent price drop on the house here in Indy to 279K (more than 100K under appraisal) and it being on TV on the 'Rate my Space" show as an inspiration home will spur some interest.
Meantime, until we close on the Cincinnati house in a month a will be knocking on wood EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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