Thursday, July 24, 2008

Re-Urbanization-Will Suburbia die?

There was an intersting article I read in the Wall Street Journal
That talked about the end of "White Flight" to urban neighborhoods. For the first time in decades cities black populations are losing ground. In fact I know my own neighborhood here in Indianapolis looks little like it did 10 years ago when I first started restoring here. The unfortunate thing is it lost its diversity somewhat, my last neighborhood meeting looks more like a country club that a neighborhood meeting with Volvo wagons and Mercedes SUV's in the lot, the major topic was how much everyones property taxes went up. It"s odd I still remember us being the only white people on our block and I know how Everett our neighbor must feel because he is our only black person on the block now.

Change can be good, our neighborhood is certainly safer but frankly its a little boring now! I so want to get back to a diverse neighborhood!

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travellinmike said...

Hmm, "Our neighborhood is certainly safer but frankly it's a little boring now! I so want to get back to a diverse neighborhood." You're better off without all the diversity. Perhaps unknowingly, you've hit the nail on the head. It's safer now that most of the blacks have moved out. Trust me living in a country club setting is better than getting surly looks from hoodlum teens in poofy Oakland Raiders jackets and corn-row hair while you're out raking leaves in the fall. "Hey whitey, whachu lookin at?!" Don't you want to feel like you can walk the dog at night without getting knifed? Don't you want your kids to be able to go to the park without being exposed to 3rd world standards of behavior?

Urban pioneering you say? The original pioneers fought wild indians to tame the land. You confronted the wild urban inhabitants and fought to re-tame the neighborhood. Now you long for the "wild west" again. Are you crazy? Just be glad you didn't get raped, carjacked, or worse in your move back to the city.