Monday, November 3, 2008

A busy weekend

We drove down on the weekend to work on our cottage which we have dubbed "Knox Hill Cottage" The weather was perfect and it gave us the opportunity to do some serious yard clean-up, which had probably not been done in years. Grape vines and honeysuckle everywhere and not to mention we have at least 5 trees on the lot that will need to come down. We removed the fireplace mantle and lighting this weekend as we will be eventually replacing with more period appropriate items.

We have to get a new water yoke put in as the old one along with the plumbing had been cut out. Fine with me as we always like to replace mechanicals anyway. I was pleased to see new curb cuts with and ramps on the sidewalks. We were also thrilled to meet our neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for many years as well as' newcomers ' like ourseleves who see what the area can become.

As we cleared the lot we found remanats of "better days" a sunken garden, brick walkways and evidence of what was once a well maintained home. I am surprised people "pan' the Faimount area, yes it has issues but at least the area where we are at seems to be fine. By this time next year I dont think people wil recognize the block!

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