Thursday, November 13, 2008

Herbie: Our Friend and Companion

Its a sad day for us. Herbie, our cat, passed away overnight. He first came to us in 2002. Someone dropped him in front of our home. He appeared to have always been an indoor cat and he definitely didn't like the outside. He was a 'hugger" and apparently was absent the day in cat school about being independent. He must have been 5 years or so when he came to us. His health had been good until recently and he, well, just got old and it got harder to get around. We were debating to take him to the vet but last night he apparently made his own decision. He was fine around construction and restoration and the noise of saws and drills didn't bother him. He has been a very important part of our life and a member of our family these last 6 years and we will miss him.

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