Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knox Hill Neighborhood Association Spring "CAP" Project

One of the early goals of the Knox Hill Neighborhood Association is the implementation of a Knox Hill "CAP" project. "CAP" stands for 'Community Appearance Plan'. This plan will be developed with neighborhood input but essentially outlines some short and long term goals for the area.

"Streetside Greenspace": Knox Street and the side streets all have some sort of greenspace between the sidewalk and street. The goal is to clear these areas of weeds and make them as low maintenance as possible with the addition of weed block covered by low maintenance mulch and planted with low maintenance ground cover and flowers, Special emphasis placed on flowering beds at intersections.

'Native Plant Garden" This project will involve the repair and restoration of the McBrayer Steps, restoration of the sidewalk(currently blacktopped) with brick and the creation of a "native garden" greenspace on both side of McBrayer at Knox utilizing plantings native to the Ohio River area.

"The Picket project". Will encourage property owners to restore existing wrought iron fences and gates, as well as the elimination of "chain link" fencing to be replaced with Picket Fencing. The neighborhood plans a couple of "Picket Project Days" to replace chain link fencing with picket fences for some elderly homeowners whose fencing has fallen into disrepair, as well as assist them with low maintenance gardening plants for their front yards.

Flower Bank: Establishment of a flower bulb and seed bank to provide free bulbs and seeds for neighbors wishing to plant front yard gardens. Neighbors with gardens as well as gardening clubs, will donate seeds to the bank and the neighborhood plans on approaching local nurseries and landscapers for donation of "throwaways" plants past their prime for resale.

Adopt a Block: Develop "adopt a block" opportunities for local businesses and community organizations to do planting parties or neighborhood clean ups. on targeted blocks in the neighborhood.

The long term goal is a 'visual makeover" of the neighborhood to encourage new home owners and developers to come into the neighborhood with high end restorations and new infill construction.

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