Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The neighborhood of possibilities

We spent most of our weekend working on the lot which had not had any major attention in years. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to meet several of our neighbors and was pleased that they not only understood that we were 'Restoring' the home and not rehabbing/remuddling as appeared to be the norm in the area. I was glad to meet others who were in various stages of restoration on their homes. There seems to be an optimism that the neighborhood was turning a corner.
To that end we have set up a core group of people to create a new neighborhood association in the area and better focus on a small area. More details to follow. I took some time to drive the neighborhood and I took some photos of some homes including a couple of large mansion home sthat I understand are presently used as retirement homes. They are well maintained and appear to be an asset to the neighborhood

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