Monday, November 17, 2008

Removing the 'indignities' of remuddling

We worked this weekend on our house on Knox and began "the process" of undoing the "remuddling" done by the idiot heirs of the previous owners who had hoped to turn the house into "cash cow" by renting it out.

The house originally had steam heat and when it failed, they hired "some contractor" to put in a new forced air furnace ( no A/C mind you, just a furnace) which thankfully someone stole as it was neither high efficency or properly installed. Anyway this "contractor" had to install ductwork and true to the "as cheaply as I can mantra" built this huge plywood "box' against the wall of our formal dining room which then went upstairs to the second floor . This was then "encased" in some cheap plywood over a hastily constructed frame of recycled 2x4's. This "heat duct/window seat contracption" covered two rooms and was to say the least, extremely unsightly.
Since we believe heat ducts should actually go in walls, we began the process of tearing out this contraption as well as removing a poorly constructed closet in one bedroom and the 1960's era paneling. While we didn't find any rare lost victorian wallpaper fragments under the paneling we had a pretty good idea the last time anything was done to the house. One room done in 1950's pink the other done in a 1960's robin egg blue!
So overall we got a lot done! Later today I am picking up a new front window for the formal parlor which will be housed in a Period style front bump-out with proper victorian trim to replace the cheap unsighltly double hung window that resides there. Of course that means I then have to build a frame to house the stained glass transom that will go above this window. At least I can do that here in my nice warm workshop!

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