Tuesday, November 18, 2008

View from the top

One of the things that attracted us to our home on Knox is the fact the house sits on a hill and overlooks the neighborhood. This particular home was one of the 'early houses' in the neighborhood and it sits on a large corner lot actually two lots but ours has always had the extra lot and it wasn't acquired due to demolition like many others in the area. We actually were looking at a couple of properties in Lower Price Hill, one of which we truly loved, but the neighborhood was , well noisy. I enjoy the peace and quiet of our cottage on the hill. These pictures were snapped from the second floor windows and it gives you an idea of how high up we are. I am looking forward to the construction of the rooftop deck in the future as we will have a spectacular view of the valley. Ours is one of those "hidden neighborhoods" that you only get a glimpse of in the winter as the trees hide much of the architecture of the area from view. I am hoping somewhere there may be some early photos showing the neighborhood when it was built and the "forest" that surround us wasn't there.

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