Monday, December 15, 2008

Five hours-Five projects

The most frustrating thing about "long distance restoration" is that by the time you pack the Jeep, drive to Cincinnati, make the obligatory stop at Home Depot and the 1/2 hour for lunch, loading all your tools Back in the Jeep and driving back to Indy, you wind up with about 5 hours of actual work time. This Sunday was no exception.

When you have limited time you have to plan ahead. As you saw in earlier posts we pre-built our porch skirts and prepainted and stenciled them. I also this week, pre-cut much of the siding for the front of the house out of hardi plank and prepainted it. That's a looong story I will talk about some other time. Given the unseasonably warm weather Sunday (in the 50's) it was the perfect opportunity to get some outside work done.

So between the two of us, 5 projects in 5 hours. In no particular order:

1. Stipped old siding off a section by the front door, felted and installed new siding.
2. Removed a beaded Board wall added upstairs near by the staircase that was added in the early 1900's and needs to be replaced with a proper wall.
3. Installed the front porch Stencilled and painted skirts.
4. Painted the Front door trim I heat stripped two weeks ago
5.Removed the "chase" that was built by the previous owners to house heat ducts from the basement to the second floor.

There you have it.5 projects 5 hours and yes we were VERY tired after packing all the tools in the car and driving back home!

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