Monday, December 29, 2008

Knox Hill:Restoration Continues

With great weather Saturday and not so bad weather for winter on Sunday we worked on our home in Cincinnati. One of the big projects continue to be the front door. After allot of work the front door now has most of its 127 years of paint gone. In fact there were at least 5 layers. The door will be lightly sanded and repainted, yes I said repainted. Despite all the work of removing the paint, staining and refinishing this door is not an option. Instead it will receive a thorough paint job and some stenciling. I am also working on the restoration of the original Brass doorknob and back plate (unfortunately the ONLY one left) . We also installed some outside lower trim to replace the original which was deteriorated
We also got the side door unboarded and functional. Opening up this side door will save allot of time as it is much closer to our parking. This side door will eventually be gone ad we are adding two Victorian double doors on the side as part of restoration. There will eventually be a stained glass window here. This was one of two side doors on the house. The good thing is that the transoms are the same size as our front door transom which is broken. It also has the original wavy glass., and will be stenciled with the house number in gold and relocated to the front. More about the window restore in upcoming blog posts.
We also removed the last of the unsightly flex duct that was in this huge box structure they had built in the dining room to get the hot air to the second floor. We are still working out the details of the original staircase configuration and are developing a plan for its re-creation.
On another note Sunday marked our second month of ownership. Also I couldn't resist taking a snapshot of our neighbor's "Pride" of cats lounging on the rooftop of their Mercedes yesterday.

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