Sunday, December 21, 2008

Porch Panels Part 3: Installation

Installation of the porch panels is by far the easiest part of this project. In earlier parts we covered the building of and the stencilling of the New front porch skirt panels. Today we cover install. Thes Skirt panels fit below the porch decking. This is the area where you migfht normally expect to see just lattice. The panels are attached using 3 inch experior screws. Leveling is critical and all panels were first leveled before install.

We also installed the "temporary" Porch decking. I say temporary because at this stage of renovation it would be unwise to put down the final tounge and groove porch flooring. Remember over the next few months we will be taking tools and materials across this porch. The temporary floor panels give us a usable surface but it is entirely OK if they get nicked or damaged during construction.
For our temporary floor we used some 1x6 car siding pine that we already had in our workshop. We simply primed it with a good exterior surface primer and then a coat of exterior grade porch paint. This will provide a durable surface and protect the back of the skirt panels from water. Once Restoration is complete these will be replaced with the regular porch flooring.
As we had exposed ground from the step removal which could have caused mud to spatter our boards during heavy rain we covered the ground around the new porch with mulch. We also installed some of the new pre painted hardi siding on the front facade which was cut to size and painted in the shop then installed. Pre painting allows us to paint all sides of the hardi siding. New corner boards will also be installed.

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