Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to "'De-Billboard" Historic Cincinnati

While most major cities in the United states have begun banning the install of additional Billboards or calling for their removal all together. Cincinnati continues to stick these "Urban Eyesores" everywhere. Billboard are much like graffiti, plastered all over our neighborhoods.
In fact Cincinnati is one of the few major American cities that allows billboards to be stuck on the side or even on top of historic homes in historic neighborhoods. Something that hasn't been allowed in many cities since the 1980's. Cincinnati is not "Times Square" and the visual assault on the eyes of all this billboard advertising hurts the image of Cincinnati as a world class city. It is also distracting to drivers already preoccupied with cell phones and blackberries.
The city needs to create a new signage ordinance which ONE prohibits the installation of Billboards on historic properties and TWO prohibits installation of billboards in historic districts. and Three creates an orderly timetable for the removal of billboards throughout the city . You wont see Billboards on the side of the White house, Monticello, New Orleans Battery or the Biltmore. This signage decreases property values and the quality of life, not to mention the visual aesthetics of a historic city.

It is time for the City to clean up its act and eliminate these eyesores. The city has no problem tearing down "blighted' housing yet it allows the "blight" of billboards.

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