Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Updates: the saga continues

Thanks to the Holiday weekend we were able to get 3 days of work in on our house on Knox. The previous weekend we spent removing limestone steps and this weekend we spent constructing a base for the new wooden porch and we also began the removal of the 1940's era siding, exposing the original. As expected they had removed the decorative corner boards but this is an easy detail to recreate . Luckily the door frame trim was in good shape and we got the old aluminum storm door frame off without incident.
The old door threshold was pretty well shot and I built a new one with 2x10 treated. Removal of the old threshold showed that the wood underneath was in good shape. As is my practice anytime I open an area up we completely insulated the cavity to prevent and air infiltration. I also began stripping the paint off the front door.
The porch framework was built out of 2x10 and 2x8 stock and reinforced with joist hangers and 'hurricane straps'. Having lived in Charleston SC and of course the windy Midwest it is just something I always do on any new construction and it simply provides for a stronger foundation. The porch in addition to being supported by 4x4 pressure treated posts was also tied and bolted through the sill plate for added strength.
Next step will be the install of the tongue and groove floor which will be installed once all coats of paint have dried. Even through this will be covered porch it is critical to paint all sides of the flooring that will go down. I used an enamel based porch paint designed for this purpose and find it hold up well even with harsh winters. While at home this week I plan to build and pre-paint the decorative face and side panels that will hide the decking frame., which will be attached perhaps next weekend weather permitting?
It looks though like the weather may have finally closed in on us but one can always hope! On a side note it has been one month since we closed on the house. Given that we are working on weekends we have made some progress although the lot cleanup has taken allot of time. We did manage to take down more two trees over the weekend. Our neighbors have been great and the hot coffee makes the outside bearable!

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