Monday, January 26, 2009

A day in the city

Saturday was a rare occasion. Normally we get up early, load the jeep with tools, drive from Indy to Cincinnati, work furiously until 3-4 in the afternoon and then drive back and are exhausted. While we did stop by the house as I had to take measurements for ordering kitchen cabinets, we spent the day just exploring Cincinnati.
It was a work/pleasure sort of day as we met our Realtor and she showed us a commercial building and we also looked at another house, most of our day was just driving around. We are getting closer to finding a building for the business.

We stopped at Findlay Market of course. While there were few outside vendors, traffic was actually brisk inside the market. We picked up a couple of pounds of Pastrami and some fresh vegetables. The one thing I know is that Findlay Market is one of the reasons we chose Cincinnati and in my opinion the city needs to do more to promote it.
There is a lot of renovation going on in OTR, there is clearly more to do. My suggestion for OTR Chamber of Commerce, lobby the city to get rid of the parking meters North of Liberty, or at the very least free parking on Saturday. It will bring more people and businesses in to OTR and that in the long run will result in a stronger tax base.

While I applaud church groups need to help the poor and pass out food and clothing a city park is not the place to do it. As often is the case on the weekends church groups were out in the park in front of the Music Hall passing out stuff. Indianapolis effectively banned this practice and it has vastly improved the city's downtown parks. They are cleaner and people feel safer in them. Also the homeless people were just walking in front of traffic in the middle of the block and we saw one very close miss. I understand churches wanting to help but this is not the way to do it.

As always I am looking at architecture and Cincinnati's architecture is world class. The city needs to get the word out. I took tons of photos and I posted just a few on this blog. We drove around Over-the Rhine,Price Hill, Faimount and Clifton and found great houses and buildings everywhere. It was a sunny, albeit cold day yet people were out enjoying it.

So today it is back to work on projects. I am revising our kitchen layout slightly based on the measurements I took over the weekend and I will start building pre-cutting the components for the basement stairs and the other 20 or so ongoing projects for the house. Saturday was both a busy yet relaxing day, I cant wait for warmer weather though.

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