Monday, January 5, 2009

Knox Hill Restoration Updates-Busy Weekend!

We had a very busy two days working on our Cincinnati Home and the weather cooperated with us ( 60 in January?)

We had a number of accomplishments and started several new phases on the project. The most visual is the installation of the transom. We also took advantage of the good weather to get a base coat of paint on the door. Yes we stripped the door so why would we paint it? Well the door is pine and even refinished it would not be very attractive and two we will be adding some adornments to the door as well as some stencilling. So painting was logical, we got on two coats of La Fonda Territory Green on the door. When the weather breaks we will be adding the other colors and installing some trim.

The other "big" project was the stairs. As I have mentioned in earlier posts our stairs had been heavily modified over the years, especially when the kitchen was added about 1900. and again when an interior staircase to the basement was added the hall way was removed to place the stairs. The basement stairs are too shallow so our new plan is to remove the wall that was added to enclose the basement stairs and change the stairs to the opposite side which will give us an opportunity to build a landing and make the stair treads a safer level. Also since the basement will be finished we will be able to create a better flow and bring light into the area. When they originally added the basement stairs they removed the railing and spindles and installed bead board to enclose the basement stairs. We will be opening this back up and adding back a newel post and spindles. We began the removal of the added wall and next time will begin removal of the bead board and we must remove some pipes from the old boiler system that went to radiators. The bottom stair tread originally curved around on both sides and I will be restoring this feature.

Upstairs we removed the old walls that were added when a second floor bathroom was added. The walls were made of tongue and groove 1x6 and we brought these back home to run through our planer and re-use for other projects. This really opened up the room.

Also this weekend the monitored security system was installed. Although we bring our tools and equipment back and forth and there is nothing in the house, its nice to know we are protected.

We additionally did some major cleanups and I began the paint removal in the front formal parlor. We found the walls were originally painted a rick red Terra cotta color and there is some evidence of stencilling at the top. We also acquired about 70 feet a original finish bead board and another cast iron mantle which we brought home for cleanup. Part of the bead board will be used as a detail for the new basement stairs.
A super busy weekend!

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