Friday, February 6, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Horribly Remuddled!!!

I often scan the real estate listings and could not resist nominating this home for "The Good, The Bad, The Horribly Remuddled!!!"

This once Grand Italianate Mansion has REALLY suffered the indignities of a bad "remuddle". Instead of its large stately front windows with stone lentils, someone, at some time with some tiny cheap aluminum framed storm windows and filled the void with what looks to be stucco. The only 'Good" news is that the wonderful top cornice and the Elaborate Limestone Entry are still intact. The side of the building looks like the owner went "window happy" and punched in the same small windows everywhere , perhaps because it was TOO DARK once you got rid of the big front windows?

Having said all that, this home could be restored. It would be easy to open back the front , put back the large windows. The detailing on the cornice an door surround make it worth restoration. If it has any of the original interior detailing, it certainly could return to its dignified and grand past. This home is on June Street and is MLS #1160108 and is only 19,900. Bring your hammer because it looks like there is a lot to do. But you could even charge the neighbors to throw rocks through those ugly windows and get most of the purchase price back! Who knows it could be somewhat intact on the inside?

Compare the remuddled home above to the a similar original home shown here and you can see what it could look like.

Do you have one of those "train wreck" homes in your neighborhood that just makes you ask "What were they thinking"? If so, take a picture and email it to me and I will feature it in this series. Who knows some brave soul may come forward and rescue it?

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