Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Good,The Bad,The Horribly Remuddled!!: Basic neglect

For today's continuation of our series, "The Good , The Bad, The Horribly Remuddled!!!", I'd like to focus on the most common remuddling. Basic neglect.

As with most homes, maintenance and upkeep are important. You can just imagine that this 1890 Queen Ann on Fairmount was quite the grand lady back in the 1890's when she was built. This house still has some great things going for it such as the front and side bay windows. The gables were not covered by the now painted yellow aluminum siding and it still has it's brackets on those gables.

She has had a 'Porchectomy", probably when the siding was installed and the one graceful wrap around porch was removed. A small porch directly over the door is a poor substitute for the once grand porch. She sits on a huge lot an frankly looks a little sad, A grand lady without her finery.

Contrast that to this exuberant Queen Anne pictured here. A multi colored paint job brings out the detailing on the gable while a the porch gives the building a sense of scale. fretwork and trim give the home it's 'whimsy' so adored in this style of architecture. So our subject house waits and dreams for the day when someone with some vision claims her and brings her back to her former glory.

Do you have a house in your neighborhood that looks like a train wreck? You know the house that you look at and say "what were they thinking?" If so send it to us at victiques@ and we will publish it here with commentary and suggestions on how it can be "fixed".

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