Friday, February 27, 2009

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US: 1 Year of Cincinnati Blogging

How time flies! although this blog had been about (intermittently) prior, this week marked One Year of blogging pretty much exclusively about Cincinnati Preservation, Planning and restoration issues.

This Blog serves a number of purposes, I hope. To provide a resource on Restoration and Preservation issues. To follow the progress of our own Restoration of our 1871 Second Empire in Knox Hill and to act as catalysts to get more involved in Old house issues. We try to keep our blog simple and informative and we try not to "fill up" our Blog with a bunch of ads, other than links to our own e businesses, as a result this blog is not money maker and doesnt exist so you will click on a bunch of ads. No, we want to provide you with the news and information you need. You should always feel free to ask questions and if we don't know the answer we will find it.

We selected Cincinnati as our new home after a several state search. We looked at a number of communities large and small. We were looking for the right balance and Cincinnati has that. An incredible collection of architecture and conveniences. Taxes are "dirt cheap" compared to most cities and historic properties are the best value for the money I have seen anywhere in the country! I say that after living in Charleston SC, San Francisco,Louisville Ky and Indianapolis. We firmly believe that Cincinnati is "turning a corner" and that was one of the primary reasons we wanted to be here. We were a part of the Indianapolis Urban revival and wanted to do it again, this time in Cincinnati.

I see the cities future as bright. Yes there are issues. We need to educate the city about the value of Historic Properties as a community resource, as a tourism source. We need to stop the "teardown" mentality. You do not solve the "blight" of high weeds and improper behavior by bulldozing a historic property and having a vacant lot. You ENFORCE the laws that are out there, hold people to a high standard. In 10 years we will look back and say "remember when you could buy a restoration house anywhere and now they all are redone.

I am looking forward to the revitalization of my own neighborhood Knox Hill and I hope to work with other groups in the S&N Fairmount, Westwood and Price Hill to share strategies about how we turn the area around. I am looking forward to locating the right spot for our business in OTR or West end and being apart of their rebirth as well.

Much work looms ahead but it will be rewarding time, not only for us but the city as well. WE appreciate your readership not only today but in the future as well.


Bob said...


Congrats on the 1-year anniversary (boy that went by fast!)

Keep up the good work and we'll keep reading...

Kevin LeMaster said...

Great work, Paul!