Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mayors Office 'Responds" to Impending Demo of four Historic Bank St Properties

On January , 09,2009 I sent an email to the mayor requesting a response to the impending senseless demolition of four historic properties on Bank Street

Yesterday on February 3, 2009 , 3 weeks and four days later, I received a response not from the mayor but from Brenden Regan an aide to the mayor. The response is posted below.Your comments are welcome.

Thank you for contacting Mayor Mallory’s Office with your concern about historic building preservation. The Mayor appreciates you bringing this matter to his attention. He is concerned about historic buildings being torn down and will be discussing the issue with City Manager Dohoney. The Mayor firmly believes that Cincinnati is a preservation city.

If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact me at my information below. Thanks again for your input.


Brenden Regan
Aide to Mayor Mark Mallory


Kevin LeMaster said...

Ugh...a form letter. Not too promising.

Paul Wilham said...

I really did not expect a REAL response

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why Cincinnati will never be what it was/could/should under this mayor and this council -- they simply do not understand the value and importance of the city's historic architecture. Clueless.