Monday, March 23, 2009

Urban Encroachment and Wildlife Habitats

On Saturday we had to stop by Lowes on Harrison to pick up some building materials at about 8:30 in the morning. To my surprise at the edge of the parking lot were several deer grazing apparently oblivious to the Urban encroachment around them. As the city expands further North ,one has to pause to wonder what effect all this new construction with its retaining walls and cookie cutter development will do to the natural habitats of the area?

Maybe time to slow the development down a bit? The city has 3000 properties on its Vacant Properties List. There are warehouses and entire neighborhoods sitting empty courtesy of VBML enforcement and speculators buying property for a song and letting it sit "hoping" for a turnaround. Stop the senseless bulldozing of savabel historic building to elinate "blight".
Perhaps instead of issuing all these new construction, planned obsolescence, metal, stucco, "Pole-barns-with-delusions- of-Grandure", Suburban strip centers, we need to develop and encourage redevelopment of the city core maybe we should change our policies to "FIX WHAT WE HAVE" and stop building more suburbs which will in 10-15 years be more wasteland to our belief that new is better?

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