Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cincinnati Architectural Review: Beecher Street Mansion

This once grand mansion sits on the corner of Beecher and Melrose just off Gilbert Ave in an area of large homes and apartments. The home features some incredible stone work. The home borrows from the Romanesque, free classic and Queen Anne schools of architectural design. One is greeted by an impressive front porch with open side gallery that wraps to the east side of the house.

The large front gable serves to balance the Tall Turret which features both stained glass and carved limestone or sandstone "panels" that make up the top of this turret. As one progresses down the west side of the house one sees a two level stone bay with a large third floor dormer. It would appear that there was once a second chimney near the rear that probably serviced several fireplaces at the servants end of the house. Surprisingly the stained glass appears to be there on the turret and is protected by storms installed probably in the 1960's.
In any other city a multi million dollar house. The neighborhood appears stable with some good restoration work on Lincoln and Beecher has several other large mansion sized homes on it as well but appears to suffer from the apartment buildings to the north and the multi storied apartments to the east. Its a nice "time capsule' house, probably was in the same family for years and didn't suffer the indignities that some of the homes around it did.

Another architectural tour-de-force that if you never got off the main roads you would never know existed. As with any house in this series if you know more about it and would like to share your thoughts and observatiosn, feel free to comment. Also contact us if you know a house that should be part of this series.


Anonymous said...

This house used to be almost totally covered with ivy. It is nice to see it again. Walnut Woods, around the corner, is finally coming along. As that dragged on for years the house at the corner of Melrose and Lincoln was torn down. Also further South on Melrose a house was recently demolished thanks to the neglect of a church. Both houses were quite nice early on like the entire neighborhood. All the apartment buildings certainly did not help.

In another neighborhood - a multi-million dollar house.

Thanks for the nice photographs.

Paul Wilham said...

Great to know that that house has improved somewhat. I think the neighborhood is pretty stable. Some friends of ours from out of state who are considering relocating, looked at a house on Lincoln that they are considering. Given the areas proximity to the hospitals it's a good location. I wish the local hospitals would offer an incentive to its employees to live in the area, it might help.