Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the News and usually the last to know!

O ne of the problems with being as busy as I am, is that I usually am only aware of things after they happen. A while back Julie Zimmerman at Cincinnati Magazine had interviewed me about my rather passionate preservation views and why Cincinnati doesn't "get it".

A fellow preservationist emailed me yesterday to tell me they had seen the article. You can get to it here:


I also received an email recently that the Rate My Space show that I was on where our house in Indianapolis was an "Inspiration House" for one of there makeovers, is now available on HULU to view. It is Season 1 episode 5 "eclectic space". Apparently its also available on a couple of other streaming video sites as well.


So if I am in the news somewhere feel free to email me because I will likely be the last to know!

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