Monday, April 6, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Facade detailing

This weekend we tackled the front facade and specifically the square bay window that we constructed to replace a rotted window opening. This new bay adds architectural interest to the front facade and is modeled after similar bays on other historic homes in the city. The new design adds more light into the room and at the same timne obstructs the view of a neighboring house, not to mention that with all the insulation and sealing we have done, it will be more energy efficient that the old window which was improperly installed.

We used Hardi siding to make the Panel sections and we used 1x4 High Grade pine to make the corner cords and window trims. The other "Big event" of the weekend was getting the upper window in. This is actually the storm window and behind it will go the stained glass window. I still have some trimwork to do and some additional painting but it is beginning to come together and the idea is that when it is done it will look "period correct". We also have some ornamental medallions that will go on the front as well as a flower box to complete the look.

After much hard work the front facade is finally coming together. We soon will reconstruct the porch columns and roof over the front door. The house certainly looks more cheerful that the day we bought it as evidenced by this photo and has spurred others in the neighborhood to do work as well.

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