Monday, April 27, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Weekend updates

Due to spending part of the weekend showing the city to Friends we didn't get to do as much work as we would have liked. I spent Friday morning getting some work done and accomplished some more work on Sunday.
Work continues on the porch and I was able to attach the finish board detail trim to the upper framework of the porch. This trim detail is actually composed of small wood plaques ( the kind you buy in a crafts supply store). They are already routed on the edges and at 2 for a dollar cost far less than the time it would take me to cut them and route them. They come in a variety of shapes and designs and are an excellent alternative to cutting small porch detail yourself.
I was also able to get up on the roof yesterday. This roof was just put on 2 years ago and is in excellent condition and to my surprise they even flashed it properly! Anyway I shot a couple of photos from the rooftop of the neighborhood. I also picked up some Brackets for the front of the house and will be covering their restoration in upcoming blog posts later in the week.

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