Monday, May 25, 2009

Cincinnati Drivers: Chopsticks while driving?

Ok I am the first to admit, I don't even answer the cell phone when driving, so the idea of texting while driving is totally absurd to me.

So yesterday here we are heading up 74 just south of the Harrison/Rybolt exit on our way back to Indy, and here come s of White Chevy Colbalt rapidly approacing in my rear view mirror. Over to my left is a Buick Sedan driving just slightly above the speed limit in the fast lane.

The driver a white 20 something woman whips into the fast lane and is literally a couple of feet behind the Buick. As I look over she is Eating chinese food (Taste of Cincinnati maybe?) Holding one of those styrofoam containers with one hand and eating WITH CHOPSTICKS with the other hand and driving with her knee!

I reduced speed rapidly and I can only imagine the amazement of the Elderly buick driver as he looked in his rear view mirror to see a car inches from his rear bumper and some one eating with chopsticks while driving! He swerved into the slow lane and she flew past and was quickly out of sight.


I have to say, it takes the cake! Cincinnati Drivers are now officially the worst drivers on the planet!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the bad drivers in this city, wait until it snows and it takes 4 hrs to drive a mile on the interstate! Good Times!

Anonymous said...

She probably got home to Indy before you did.

Paul Wilham said...

She had OHIO Plates.