Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cincinnati Preservation Association: Save these Buildings

The Cincinnati Preservation Association is looking for "Preservation Heroes" to come forth and save Historic Endangered Properties. More information on their website:

"Every two to four weeks, the City of Cincinnati’s Department of Planning & Buildings conducts a Public Nuisance Hearing to determine whether problem buildings are public nuisances and should be demolished. Once a building has been declared a nuisance, it is fast-tracked for demolition, and only quick action can save it. So it’s important to intervene before that decision is made. "

Often These building have no "real" structural issues , they have just been neglected by a series of uncaring owners. It is the "bulldoze mentality" of the city that somehow believes that bulldozing a historic structure and leaving a empty lot that will sit for decades is "better' for the neighborhood. As a Historic Preservationist and President of a Neighborhood Association I can tell you the city is "dead wrong" about everyone of the properties currently listed on the CPA website and everyone of these homes deserves to be, and can, be saved. Currently there are homes in a variety of areas that are endangered. These historic homes can often be bought for very little money but they will require a great deal of time and money to bring them back. It is important for the Preservation community in my opinion to start lobbying members of the council and the mayor to stop the senseless demolition of historic properties that are contributing structures to the historic streetscape of neighborhoods. We need a demolition moratorium on historic properties to give time for neighborhood associations and CPA time to find buyers for these properties and for city legal to work with neighborhood groups to acquire and save these homes.
If you would like more information about any of these buildings, or have questions about buying and re-inhabiting a condemned building, contact CPA at 513-721-4506 or

In addition to CPA's assistance and advice. As part of our ongoing committment to Historic preservation efforts, our firm Victorian Antiquities and Design will offer free consulting assistance to anyone considering buying the homes on the CPA list.

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