Monday, May 4, 2009

Knox Hill Project: Landscaping, "A Moving Experience"

Saturday we had unexpectedly good weather and we decided it was time to tackle the front yard area of the house. Now when we bought the house you couldn't see it from the street thanks to Honeysuckle and old grape vines and general weeds that made up the front of the yard. While I am sure that "in the day" it was nice. After 30 years of neglect it was time to start over.

One of the first thing we did was cut all this "stuff" out. The sidewalk was so overgrown it couldn't be seen and I'd decided enough is enough and we cleaned and leveled this area. Our Double lot rises maybe 15 feet in elevation from front to back. Ultimately we will have 4 distinct terraced levels on the lot with level changes in each terraced area.

Of course to clear the accumulated dirt that had washed down the hill and over our retaining wall we had to have a place to put it, and I did, the area north of our sunken garden area where the Pond and waterfall will be. So to make the "hill" there I took the dirt from the street level area and with a wheelbarrow moved it.

This meant taking the wheelbarrow up the hill on our side street entering the lot at the back driveway area ( because we have a hill by the side street too steep to get the wheelbarrow up), then back down to the middle of the lot to deposit the fill where I needed it. By my calculations each trip with the wheelbarrow full of dirt was 350 feet and most of it, up hill!

Total of about 16 trips! Not to mention moving the dirt around and terracing once I got up there.
Landscaping is "A moving experience"


Marilyn said...

But doesn't seeing that nice clean sidewalk make you feel good?

Paul Wilham said...

It Does! Hopefully our efforts will "inspire/shame" others on the block into taking the time to do the same thing!

One of the things our neighborhood group is planning is to mulch the right-of-way side between the curb and sidewalk on 2 block area on our street and then we plan on planting that area with flowers.