Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Avondale Mansion Rape: The plot thickens!!!

Thanks to a very industrious reader of my blog with great research skills we now have more information concerning the Avondale Mansion located at 4008 Rose Hill Avenue.

According to public records of Judge Luebbers court.

US BANK was awarded a judgement of foreclosure against the estate of Evelyn L Baskin. It would appear according to court records that AAMES FUNDING CORPORATION DBA AAMES HOME LOAN has a some sort of interest as well. Also Both the Hamilton County Auditor and the Treasurers office may have liens against the property.

The property is set for sheriff's sale according to court documents:

Case A0810487 US BANK, represented by Dennis Reimer, 6/18/2009 Assessed value 210,000.00 , Minimum bid is 140,000.00.

It would appear that there is no "updating' of this property planned it is being sold at sherriffs sale a few days from the "tag sale ' date.

Courts have often held that windows mantles and light fixture are "attached' to property are part of that property so it would be interesting to see what 'theory' the owner has to rip out those items and sell them. More and more banks are suing for damages caused by the destruction of high dollar houses where the bank must spend thousands to have a saleable product.

I forwarded the court information to Waverly Auction house and asked for comment. I have received none as yet and I actually suspect they have no clue what is going on and that this house is set for sheriff's sale. Auction houses often get 'caught in the middle' because the "owner' tells them one thing when 'something else' is clearly going on. If they did not know, they know now and if they "assist' the "owner" by advertising these items for sale then that is their issue.
I also forwarded this information to Margo Warminsky at Cincinnati Preservation as well. It would appear to me if someone notifies US Bank's attorney about the intent of the owner to rape and pillage the architectural pieces out of the house then maybe he can get an injunction barring that. According to the Public Court Records Mr Reimers contact number is 330-425-4201 in case any concerned Preservationists are out there and would like to call his office to let him know that the banks asset is about to be destroyed.
I will update this blog if I receive any comment from Waverly Auctions. It would appear possible to stop the rape and pillage of this historic home.


Anonymous said...

From the Auction site


We regret to inform you that due to a legal issue with the estate in Cincinnati, not previously disclosed to Waverly House, we have chosen to discontinue this sale whichc was scheduled for June 13th - 14th.

We apologize for this huge inconvenience. We learned of this dispute last night and are working to let as many people know as possible, so that we do not waste any of your valuable time.

We appreciate your patronage. Any new information, or future sale date of the content only, if attained, will be posted here.

Paul Wilham said...


It would appear that as I suspected the ONLY people with real access to that house would be the Sheriff and USBANK.

Neighbors over in Avondale should keep watch on the hosue until the Sheriffs sale and if they see stuff coming out, I'd call the Sheriff!

Maybe Preservation wins this one?