Monday, June 8, 2009

Avondale Mansion to be victim of "Architectural Rape"! BOYCOTT!

Next weekend Waverly Auctions is conducting a tag sale on a 25 room Avondale estate, the location of which has yet to be disclosed.

I have no problem with estate and tag sales, they serve a useful purpose and provide families with an efficient manner to liquidate item. What I DO have problems with is Waverly Auctions is also selling off the Light fixtures, leaded glass, doors and items attached to this mansion that will result in proper restoration all but impossible!

Clearly NO ONE explained to the family that removing the fixtures from the house will greatly reduce its value! This practice must stop. I have sent an email to Jamie and Michelle at Waverly Auctions advising them that not only will I not attend this auction I will NEVER do business with them until they stop this practice, nor will I refer ANY of my clients in their direction. The "Architectural Rape" of Cincinnati's Historic homes MUST STOP and I am calling on all my readers, the preservation community and old house lovers everywhere and for them to contact their friends as well to email Waverly Auctions or and express your outrage that they think its "ok" to sell of our city's architectural history to the highest bidder.

Let them know you will not do business with them until they stop this practice!


Bob said...

Is this the same auction house that was helping to rape the Werk Mansion (Casimir Elsa) a few months ago by agreeing to sell the light fixtures, etc. for the previous owners? It's a disgusting practice. No respect.

Paul Wilham said...

I don't know. Many auction houses refuse to sell architectural salvage because of potential litigation from a mortgage holder.

Anonymous said...

The house is 4008 Rose Hill.

Anonymous said...

The auctioneer for the Werk Mansion was Penny Worley with Real Living Realty Services, LLC.