Thursday, June 18, 2009

Future of Avondale Mansion may be decided Today

The Future of 4008 Rose Hill, the Avondale Mansion of the late Eveleyn Baskin, may be decided today as the Sherriffs sale where it will be auctioned off.

The property valued at 210,000.00 will have an opening bid of 140,000.00. The property was ordered sold as a result of USBANK taking the estate to court over unpaid mortgage debts. The property was brought to the attention of local Preservationists when Waverly Auctions announced a tag sale in which the "alleged owner" who claimed to be doing some "planned updating' intended to sell off valuable one of a kind fixtures.

After it was found out that the property was embroiled in legal disputes Waverly Auctions dropped out of the sale but at the last Minute another auction house conducted the tag sale although it appears at this point the architectural items were not sold, though some have reported that some light fixtures were gone. The legality of this tag sale is in question.

Several people have expressed interest in the grand Mansion built in 1906. The house will need some restoration but is offered at well below market value in a very stable neighborhood.

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Paul Wilham said...

The property sold today at Sheriffs sale. There were multiple bidders and the final bid was 190,000.00 and it was the bank that made the high bid, which may indicate there was a substancial mortgage against it.

The bank will now likely empty the house the rest of the way, secure it completely, winterize it and then list it with a local realtor. I suspect for considerable more than the amount they paid today at the sale.

One person reported the solarium had been boarded? So we dont know what that means, either the bank secured it or windows are missing?

Any nearby resident who could 'confirm' this? If they are gone I hope the bank criminally prosecutes ALL the people involved.

Due to the "high profile" of this property, residents should be vigilant on keeping an eye out.