Monday, June 22, 2009

Knox Hill Project House: Weekly update

Exterior work continues with more painting . A key change was the change of the lower porch area from the brighter Yellow to a more mellow "Mark Twain Gold" which is our primary trim color. This allows the stencilled flowers, still in the brighter yellow to "pop' more as a detail.

We also installed corner boards and did additional caulking. I can hardly wait to get the brackets up. and other trim installed

Work continued on painting the stone foundation with "Del Coranado Brownstone" a National Trust color from Valspar. Although we are getting rid of it in the future we decided to put a coat of paint on the outside basement access doors so everything looks nice and clean.

Greg ran the chipper all day Saturday chipping up the collection of limbs we cut and the tree we removed the weekend before.

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