Monday, June 29, 2009

Knox Hill Project House: Weekly update

Work (Painting), is progressing nicely on the exterior and I was able to put some efforts back on the front facade and the square bay bumpout. As you all know our front facade second floor roof is slate. Slate is a very durable material and hold up remarkably well. My preference has always been to roof the bump out roof and the soon to be constructed porch roof in slate. The drawback is slate is very expensive and modern slates lack the 'patina' of the originals. Until we locate some original slates a substitute had to be found. I looked at the rubberized slates and just didn't like the look. In spite of the manufacturers attempts to age them they still look new.

So as one might expect I have come up with my own solution. We are using Hardisiding, cut into shake sizes. I then "age' the edges with various tools to simulate wear. This weekend I painted these slates with a combination of flat enameled paints and the end result , from the ground, looks like slate. I can't wait to get the rest installed and get the Cresting in the bumpout roof.

Although it is the middle of summer right now, it wont be long until cold is here and we spent some time opening up a wall in the new kitchen area to get ductwork up to the second floor. When the furnace had been put in by the previous owners they simple built a wooden box in the middle of a room and ran ductwork to the second floor where they then built a 40 foot long "window seat' through 3 rooms to hide the ductwork. Not a pretty or efficient solution. // This is also and area that had a "passive" duct going between the two rooms that let air flow from one room to the other. We will be able to install new ductwork inside the wall to get heat and AC up stairs to the bedroom as well as locate a cold air return ducts on the second floor.
In order to get cabinetry installed we will also build out this wall so it is level with the brick chimney in this room to give us a smooth continuous wall surface which will also give us more chase space behind for additional runs for any mechanicals. We have carefully preserved the original plaster wall on the parlor side. This chase run will also be insulated and have fire blocking installed.

All this in addition to yard mowing and clean up. Next weekend we have a 3 day work weekend planned so we expect(maybe) to get the east facade perhaps totally painted.

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